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About the Book

Business Cookery BookBusiness Cookery tells the story of Jenny and Simon who set about transforming their respective businesses.

One evening Jenny is crying into her Facebook account when she learns no one is coming to her birthday dinner party. Distraught she phones her mum Barbara for advice. Barbara shows her where she went wrong and what to do about it. Jenny realises she can use the same principles to change the fortunes of her own small business. She shares her ‘dinner party’ business plan with her husband Simon who is Managing Director of a larger company.

What follows is a tale of the ups and downs of businesses – big and small, all with a cooking theme. Packed with practical tips and advice, the Business Cookery book is supported by an interactive website helping business people apply the same principles to their own companies.

Topics covered in Business Cookery:

• Setting your vision and mission
• Understanding your target market
• How to find out what your market wants
• Business planning and budgeting
• New product development
• Working with suppliers
• Systems and processes
• Leadership, people management and staff training
• Sales and marketing
• Customer service
• Follow-up and analysis
• Referrals and customer loyalty

If you run your own business, are in a management position or are simply curious about what goes on behind closed doors in the CEO’s office, this is for you.

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