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Summer Sale – Special Offer

Buy These Two Books Together For Just £20 plus P&P

Offer ends Friday 1st July 2011

Now is your chance to own two modern classics of the coaching and business development profession for a bargain price.

Niche Marketing for Coaches‘ by Hannah McNamara and ‘Business Cookery‘ by Hannah McNamara and Patrick White are available for a limited time only for just £20 (plus P&P), compared to the RRP of £29.98 saving you £9.98.

Business CookeryBusiness Cookery: Tried and tested recipes for business success, RRP £14.99

Part-story, part-business book, Business Cookery uses cooking analogies to teach business skills.  Drawing heavily on proven coaching and consultancy techniques, it shows how business owners and company directors can transform the fortunes of their business through focusing on their people and how they engage with them.

Secret Millionaire’ property investor Caroline Marsh says:
I heartily endorse Business Cookery. Clear, easy-to-read. I like the stories that guide you through the fundamentals on how to start, run and manage a successful business. Follow the recipe and make a great pie!

Sejal Sukhadwala of describes the book as “a modern classic, this unique tome gives business and personal development advice via cookery-themed storytelling, recipes and food analogies.”

Karen Williams, Self Discovery Coaching says “Hannah McNamara and Patrick White believe that developing a business is like putting together a cookery recipe to create a great dish of food. It is a metaphor that I can relate to and throughout the book they share actual recipes to enable you to cook effective dishes, with the elements you need to consider both in creating the dish and implementing each chapter into your business too. What I love most about this book is that it follows the story of two fictional characters, Jenny and her husband, Simon, who follow the recipes to develop a successful business and effective leadership skills, using coaching and mentoring support. Following their story alone meant that I couldn’t put the book down and on top of that I got some great tips that I can easily apply to my own business. This book is highly recommended.”

Anne Marshall Health Coach and Author of The Health Factor; Coach Yourself To Better Health says: “In this book Hannah and Patrick have achieved something refreshingly unusual. In combining fact with fiction, blended with cooking metaphors to illustrate essential business skills, they have given the reader an immensely practical and entertaining overview of the nuts and bolts of running a successful business. Cleverly woven throughout the text, the cooking analogies bring important points to life with delightful simplicity and the box outs reviewing key points at the end of each chapter are particularly helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed Business Cookery and have learnt a lot from it. If you run your own business, or are just thinking of starting up on your own, I suspect that you will find this book an invaluable addition to your bookshelf too.”

Liz Tyas-Peterson BSc., Dip RSA Bluestar Uk Services Ltd says “This is a great coaching book to read, as it is a blueprint for running a successful business using coaching principles. This should be read before starting in business. The way this book is written and set out makes it compelling reading, and makes it so easy to take on board the tools and skill set you need to run a successful business at SME or Corporate level. The analogy of cooking is inspired; it’s so simple, follow the recipe and the process to achieve success.

The story draws you in to how coaching works, and the benefits of having a coach at both a personal and business level. The “Food for thought page” at the end of each chapter is inspired as it highlights the main points of each chapter, reinforcing your learning and understanding. The added bonus is having the website that backs up the book with the additional resources for you to action.

The Recipes that illustrate the different sections and the way that they are presented brings in the reality of what is needed to be in business and shows what business is all about. They show the need for outsourcing and delegating and the benefits of doing so. For me this ticks my own personal three C’s of Clarity, Commitment, and Communication that are needed in any successful business. I will be putting this book on my recommended reading list for clients. Enjoy the book and implement the contents for your successful business, or your improved work situation.”

Niche Marketing for CoachesNiche Marketing for Coaches: A practical guide for building a life coaching, executive coaching or business coaching practice RRP £14.99

This book includes all the tools you need to succeed in coaching.  Based on years of first-hand, practical experience this book shows you how to transform yourself from being just another coach into someone who stands out to your clients as the natural and only choice. As you read through the pages, you’ll discover how to: identify your own, personal niche; use the marketing techniques which work best for coaches; anticipate your prospective clients’ wants and needs; work with coaching tools and models when planning your marketing strategy; set your coaching rates and put packages together; win business from individuals, sole traders, and large organisations; write press releases, brochures, websites, sales letters and much, much more.


The Coaching Academy: “The best book on marketing for coaches”

Nicola Cairncross, The Money Gym: “This really is a brilliant book for anyone in a service industry actually – second only to the mighty “Get Clients Now!” by CJ Hayden, I would say.”

Marie-Louise Cook, editor of Personal Success magazine: “This book could help anyone to learn to love marketing! Moreover, it will help you to plot out your own marketing plan to attract the perfect clients for you and it will save you from wasting money or time on adverts or other promotions that won’t hit the target. In fact, it is so useful that it should be superglued into the hands of every graduating coach.”

Jonathan Jay: “Essential reading for anyone who’s serious about running a life coaching, executive coaching or business coaching practice”.

Andy Lopata, co-author of ‘..And Death Came Third’: “(the book) really is an excellent read, with a lot of good marketing advice.”

Fiona Adamson, co-founder of The Coaching Supervision Academy said “What I like about it is not only the content but the very clear way you have laid it all out so the reader can easily go to the relevant section when they need it.”

Caroline Shola Arewa, coach and author of ‘Embracing Purpose, Passion and Peace’: “Hannah provides valuable tools in an easy to read, step-by-step format… A must read for all Coaches”.

Shilpa Unalkat, coach and author of ‘Corporate Head, Spiritual Heart’: “This book needs to be in the hands of every coach. Hannah is a m a ster marketeer and knows exactly what coaches need to grasp about the business they love. Be prepared to discover insider secrets for attracting clients and discovering your specialist niche area. This book will not only give you the practical tools to generate the success you deserve, but also motivates you to make this happen sooner, rather than later. Hannah’s wise tips and advice compelled me to take full advantage of the marketing opportunities available to me as soon as I finished the first few chapters. The results were astonishing. A must read for all coaches who refuse to settle for mediocrity and are going for gold – an outstanding coaching business, suited to their own unique personality and expertise. At last a coaching book about marketing know-how!”

Buy these two classic business-building books for just £20!

Offer ends Friday 1st July 2011

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£20 for books plus
P&P £2.75
Europe Delivery
£20 for books plus
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Rest of World Delivery
£20 for books plus
P&P £5.75

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